Responsible AI Policy

Responsible AI

We are committed to following industry best practice in the development, deployment and analysis of artificial intelligence, data analysis and automation. In particular, we endorse the following principles for responsible AI as outlined by Microsoft:

  1. Fairness: AI systems should treat all people fairly.
  2. Reliability & Safety: AI systems should perform reliably and safely.
  3. Privacy & Security: AI systems should be secure and respect privacy.
  4. Inclusiveness: AI systems should empower everyone and engage people.
  5. Transparency: AI systems should be understandable.
  6. Accountability: People should be accountable for AI systems.

The Evident AI Index embodies these principles:

  • The Transparency pillar of our Index measures the extent to which banks are publicly communicating a wide range of responsible AI activities and making visible their efforts to create specific AI controls.
  • The Talent pillar of our Index looks at, among other factors, gender diversity among banks’ AI talent.
  • The Innovation pillar of our Index looks at, among other factors, the participation of banks in the open-source development community as well as academic partnerships related to the research, funding and teaching of AI.
  • The Leadership pillar of our Index looks at, among other factors, transparency in communicating the use of AI within banks to stakeholders, regulators and the wider public.

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