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The global standard benchmark of AI maturity in business.

The AI race. Mapped.

AI poses an existential challenge for business. Those that win will surge ahead of their rivals on growth, productivity and financial performance, and there is a significant threat to those that fall behind.

Yet visibility into commercial AI performance is sorely lacking. Greater transparency is now needed to harness AI for commercial - and societal - gain.

We created Evident to measure and track the various approaches businesses are taking towards AI development. We showcase best practice and provide roadmaps for successful AI transformation.


We help banking executives, investors, equity researchers and vendors to understand, compare and monitor the latest industry-wide AI developments.

Improve strategic decision-making
Accelerate AI transformation
Preempt competitor strategies
Learn from peers and leading AI experts
Seize the AI opportunity with our market-leading intelligence on AI adoption in business.


We provide the most comprehensive assessment of AI progress across the banking sector and track emerging trends.


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Scott Galloway
“This is the year of AI, and we are seeing a rapid rise in AI use in almost every single sector. As the market begins to discern winners from losers based on their capability in AI, robust metrics and insight become key to stakeholder value. Evident is uniquely placed to provide that clarity.”
Scott Galloway, NYU Professor and Co-host of Pivot podcast
Kay Firth-Butterfield
“For traditional banks, getting AI right is an existential issue, which is why investment - in talent and R&D, as well as real-world commercial AI deployment - is soaring. But as the pace of AI adoption accelerates, greater transparency around how major banking institutions are using AI is necessary to ensure that the result is a race to the top. Critically, we must ensure that the application of AI does not lead to unforeseen negative consequences in an industry that touches all of our lives.”
Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning, World Economic Forum
Mattias Fras
“Organisations like Evident have a vital role to play in helping banks and the wider financial services ecosystem to look beyond the AI hype machine, avoid wastage and bad investments and focus their efforts on the areas where successful AI deployment will mean pronounced benefits for their organisations, for their customers.”
Mattias Fras, Head of AI Hub, Nordea

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