Principles of Independence

Principles of Independence

At the heart of the Evident AI Index is independence: unlike existing surveys and benchmarks, the Index relies solely on publicly available data. This "outside-in" approach is important: claims of adoption and innovation are easily made, but it is hard to get to the substance. The volume of data, and the range of sources available, enables us to build a more complete and rich assessment of corporate AI capability than the narrow survey-based approaches that exist today. And, crucially, it enables us to offer an unbiased and independent profile of a company’s AI maturity, without resting on proprietary surveys that suffer from self-reported biases.

What internal processes does Evident use to ensure its research is balanced and accurate?

  • The Evident AI Index was created through collaborative research from first principles and public data. The Index has undergone a rigorous, innovative process to ensure high standards of quality. Our internal quality assurance process is designed to eliminate inconsistencies and minimise bias. We follow best-in-class research, data analysis and reporting principles to ensure our research is balanced and accurate.
  • Evident employees are not allowed to offer or accept gifts from the companies in the Evident AI Index.
  • Evident employees are not permitted to own stock in individual companies in the Index.

How does Evident protect the confidential information of its clients?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and your Evident contract for more information on how we treat confidential information.

Can Evident investors influence the Index or Evident’s research?

Our investors do not have influence over our research. All decisions regarding the Index and research created by Evident are made by our CEO and Co-Founder, who control the board and own a majority of shares in Evident.

Do banks have to be Evident clients to be included in the Index?

We cover the world’s largest banks and all decisions about which banks to add to the Evident AI Index are based solely on the importance of each bank to global debates about AI, irrespective of the bank’s status as an Evident client.

How does revenue from vendors impact Evident research?

We currently generate no revenue from AI vendors selling to banks.

What are Evident’s guidelines on research commissioned by clients?

Our researchers and analysts undergo detailed training to ensure the objectivity of their work. Our research department is separate from our commercial department and does not participate in commercial processes or decisions (except to explain technical details relating to the Index to our staff and clients where required).

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