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What we do

Evident provides the most in-depth and up-to-date analysis of AI adoption across the banking sector. We map best practice and help banks to benchmark their progress against their peers.

We extract data from millions of public documents using proprietary machine learning tools and combine this with qualitative insights from our expert network to compare the AI capabilities of individual banks and reveal cross-sector trends.

Types of Insights


Stay on top of the latest developments in AI x Banking, filtered through Evident’s unique brand of data-driven insights—including curated industry news, people matters, and critical reading. Members receive monthly short-form research including updated data cuts and profiles of leading banks.

Insights Reports

Access long-form research on the primary pillars driving the Evident AI Index—providing a comprehensive view of emerging trends, identification of best practices that challenge current strategy, and interviews with AI leaders from across the community.

Data Trackers and Dashboard

Compare the AI Innovation, Talent, Leadership and Responsible AI capabilities of all 50 banks in the Index. Members can access four data trackers, with each tracker updated every 6 months. (Excluded from Light Membership)


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How we help banks

We help AI leaders in banks to make informed AI-related decisions by benchmarking their AI activity against their peers. We aim to reveal sector-wide best practice and enable our members to:

  • Assess their AI & data talent pool, as well as their acquisition and retention initiatives, relative to their peers

  • Identify priorities in AI innovation (AI research; patents; ventures; and engagement with the external ecosystem)

  • Assess group AI leadership positioning and communications

  • Compare approaches to Responsible AI and risk mitigation

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