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The Evident AI Symposium is a one-day gathering of the international banking community, along with independent experts, AI innovators and policy-makers. Fuelled by data from the Evident AI Index and our unique trackers of AI activity across the banking sector, we tackle the question: What does it mean to be an AI-first bank?


For banks, getting AI right is an existential issue. Yet as the pace of AI adoption accelerates, greater transparency around implementing AI is necessary to ensure that the result is a race to the top.

Past Events


AI transformation requires the mobilisation of a wide range of stakeholders - from employees, to investors, to customers. Impactful AI leadership is about consistent messaging and clarity across all company channels. In this webinar we'll explore what the best banks are doing are building trust with different audiences and how they are organising their AI leadership teams to set themselves up for success.


In a time of rapid AI advancement, how are banks keeping up with the pace of AI innovation? Join us as we discuss the latest findings from the Evident AI Innovation Report with Angelique Augereau (former Chief Analytics Officer at CapitalOne) and Jeremy Palmer (Senior Partner and Global Co-leader, QuantumBlack Labs, AI by McKinsey).


Banks face huge competition for AI talent, within the sector and beyond. Join the Evident team for this virtual webinar as we discuss the latest findings from the Evident AI Talent report with leading experts.


We celebrated the launch of Evident and the Evident AI Index with more than 100 leaders in AI and banking. The first iteration of the Evident AI Index featured the 23 largest banks by assets in North America and Europe, and was covered by the New York Times, Fortune and TechCrunch.

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