Evident AI Roundtable: 2024 Predictions

Tuesday 12 December
14:30 - 15:30 GMT / 09:30 - 10:30 ET
Event Speakers
Mike Mayo
Mike Mayo
Managing Director, Equity Research, Wells Fargo Securities
Mike is a Managing Director and Head of U.S. Large-cap Bank Research at Wells Fargo Securities. An award winning and veteran sell side Wall Street analyst, he is also the author of the book "Exile on Wall Street: One Analyst’s Fight to Save the Big Banks From Themselves".
Jeremy Palmer
Jeremy Palmer
Chairman, PhysicsX
Jeremy is Chairman at PhysicsX. He is also the former CEO of QuantumBlack and a Senior Partner at McKinsey. He led QuantumBlack through its acquisition to McKinsey, and it grew to be a global leader in advanced analytics, expanding across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
Alexandra Mousavizadeh
Alexandra Mousavizadeh
Co-CEO and Co-founder, Evident
Alexandra has spent 25 years ranking and quantifying complex societal and political forces. She started her career at Moody’s, then Morgan Stanley, and later became CEO of ARC Ratings and Director of the Prosperity Index. Most recently, Alexandra was a Founding Partner at Tortoise Media, where she was the architect of the groundbreaking Global AI Index, the first benchmark to track the strength of national AI ecosystems.
Annabel Ayles
Annabel Ayles
Co-CEO and Co-founder, Evident
Annabel started her career as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, largely working with media clients across the UK and US. She then became a Partner at Tortoise Media, where she ran the commercial team. She has a wealth of strategy, sales and partnerships expertise with experience across startups and major corporations.

This past year was a rollercoaster for AI transformation - with no signs of slowing down as we look ahead to 2024. Fuelled by data from the latest Evident AI Index, this session explored key trends within the banking sector and we offered our initial predictions of what opportunities and challenges next year holds in store.

We chewed over these bets with friends of Evident that have contributed to and informed our continuing research and perspectives on where the race to AI Maturity is headed next.

For a deep dive into our predictions, check out our Evident AI Symposium: Event Recap page.

Our Predictions for 2024 included:

1. Generative AI Accelerates from Promise to Reality

Evident AI 2024 Prediction 1

2. AI Leaders Expand Presence on Operating Committees

Evident AI 2024 Prediction 2

3. AI Talent Escapes Right Sizing & Cost Reduction

Evident AI 2024 Prediction 3

4. Banks Shift Mindset from: What can AI do? → What ROI does AI create?

Evident AI 2024 Prediction 4

5. Banks Provide the Blueprint for Emerging AI Regulation

Evident AI 2024 Prediction 5

6. The Gap Between Leaders vs. Laggards Shortens or Widens?

Evident AI 2024 Prediction 6

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